After the huge success of nekta´s last single release „Guess who“ from the debut album „Water the flowers“, which was featured in three different US TVseries (Gossip Girl/WARNER / Las Vegas/NBC and Samantha Who/ABC ), nekta is back with their second album „Storybook“. Again it is hard to say wether the twelve new titles are retro, still modern or already classically timeless. The successful attempt to put Jazz and Pop, acoustic and electronic sound generators, and a danceable club appeal on one hand with the qualities of song-writing on the other under one common denominator.

For the first time Valique from Moscow did a Remix for nekta. His two version of "here`s us" turns out to be more dance floor compatible then the original. While the main mix adds some nostalgic vinyl scratches at the beginning of the tune and builds up with uplifting broken beats for the floor, the „dark jazz dub“ insert the 4/4 bass drum and reduces the vocals.

We are happy about our version of "Marcia Baila" by "Les Rita Mitsouko", out on "Cool Tributes-the 80s Sessions", Wagram (edel).

Our new cover version of "Hot stuff" is out on "Disco Meets Bossa Vol.2", Peacelounge Recordings

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